The user is responsible for the installation of the software, its use in compliance with all legal requirements and any and all resulting events.
By continuing with the installation process, you agree with this clause.


After clicking on RadioLog-Zip.exe, RadioLog.exe will start automatically. Subfolders will be created in folder "C:\RadioLog\". Necessary settings and links should be made now.


RadioLog.exe only needs the runtime library GfaWin23.ocx. All other necessary libraries are part of every Windows installation.

Since GfaWin23.ocx is installed in the folder "…\RadioLog", deleting this folder will completely uninstall the software. The software will leave no traces on your computer after uninstalling.

Connecting the sound card

Without using a microphone

Optimal results can be achieved by connecting the sound card directly to the receiver. The level will be adjusted by using the computer's sound mixer. While adjusting the volume level, always begin at a low level, and raise the level slowly.


Using a microphone (for area monitoring or round table discussions)

When recording using a microphone, an automatic level control (ALC) should be used if possible. Many PCs offer such a function. A separate microphone preamplifier and a desktop microphone with integrated ALC are even better to always achieve recording with sufficient levels and without distortion.


The software program has been tested to work with the operating systems Windows 2000, XP, Win7/32 and Win7/64.

Information about additional possibilities, control amplifiers and expansions are available from the author.



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